And here I thought I was alone

Jesus and Politics

The conclusion of Mike Banta in the above article is EXACTLY what I have come to realize as well.


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I'm a 36yo woman who loves Jesus, my husband of 16 years, and my 7 precious children. We homeschool the older 5 (formally, anyway!). We attend a nondenominational, non-charismatic church.
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6 Responses to And here I thought I was alone

  1. Julie in Ohio says:

    Oh madame, you have not been alone… I share the same views! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very true. It’s just so sad to see our country possible on the verge of taking a TOTALLY different direction than it was intended originally. :-(

  3. Tracy says:

    I agree too. It’s just sad seeing our country possibly about to take a TOTALLY different direction than was originally intended. :-(

  4. Verge, nothing. We left that direction a LONG time ago.

    I honestly don’t think it will matter much who wins come November. :-(

    The thing that troubles me the most is that conservatives who also are Christians seem to think that if Obama is elected, America will go to hell in a handbasket, and if McCain is elected, everything will be hunky-dory. They also seem to think that all the conservative laws (or the lack of liberal ones) is what this country needs to change.

    But really, without Jesus and people believing in Him personally, there is no hope for change, no matter what laws we have or what leaders we elect.

  5. Tracy says:

    Well true, it’d just be faster with Obama. LOL And I think he’s much less reliable with the military and national security which are pretty important these days, where as McCain is strong on that one even if he’s not as conservative here at home as I’d like. ;-)

    Um, you can erase my double comments above. LOL I did’t know the first went through.

  6. Oh believe me, I’m not pro-Obama by any means. But I don’t think we’ll be that much better off under MCain (maybe slightly), ESPECIALLY from a Christian perspective.

    I just see lots of sites, get lots of e-mails, and read lots of posts on message boards that basically say, “Reclaim our nation for Christ and vote McCain. Believe in the power of prayer, and don’t resign to the mistaken fact that Obama will win. Vote for McCain and restore the Christian heritage of our nation.”

    There is just this HUGE push for “restoring the Christian heritage of our nation” and not as much for winning lost souls for Jesus Christ. I guarantee that if more time and energy was spent on the latter, we wouldn’t be having to worry about the former as much. :-(