I’m really not a huge Amazon.com fan

I haven’t been for quite some time because of the big bru-ha-ha a few years back about the book they sell about ped*phil*a. I don’t even know what all came of that, but I just remember that basically their argument was, “Tough.” Sort of a “we’re this huge conglomerate, so you don’t scare us,” type of attitude. So when I can I try to do business elsewhere. Not a boycott per se, but just trying to make wiser use of my money.

So then Chewy Mom told about an experience with Amazon.com that SO does not surprise me:

P.S. As an addendum to this story, I have since received a response to my email that basically said, that’s our policy, deal with it. And please continue to let us serve you in the future. Ummm…no thanks.My dh also called and spoke with an employee who reiterated the point that “Amazon is always right, the customer is wrong, and we can screw you because we are big.”

And then today I read at Michelle Malkin this lovely tidbit of information:

Where is Amazon.com? And how about Yahoo!? Microsoft? Dell? Cisco? Countless readers and a few bloggers have wondered why these tech companies, which stepped up the plate to help raise millions of dollars for tsunami victims last year, have not yet set up fund-raising efforts.Let’s concentrate on urging Amazon.com to set up a one-click donation similar to its tsunami relief effort. Send an e-mail to Amazon.com here.

130pm EDT update: Just saw this on Information Week. Amazon.com says it doesn’t plan on helping with the Katrina relief efforts. The article notes that other tech companies are not jumping in to help:

[M]ainstream Web sites that had jumped to pull in money for the tsunami victims showed no evidence of repeating it here in the U.S. for Katrina’s. Amazon.com, which raised more than $14 million for the American Red Cross in January via a donation link on its home page, didn’t have one as of mid-day Monday. Nor did Google, Yahoo, MSN, or eBay, all of which hustled earlier in the year to put up donation links on their portals. (Google slapped up an “Information about Hurricane Katrina” link on its Spartan home page, but that led to news sources and stories.)An Amazon spokesperson said that the online retailer had no plans to post a donation link on its site. “Each case is different,” she said. “The Red Cross has essentially given over its entire site to donations. The tsunami came out of the blue, so it was an ‘all hands on deck’ situation, but the Red Cross has been getting ready for this and getting its message out there for several days.”

So, needless to say, Amazon has re-motivated me to spend my money elsewhere.

[Update: Amazon.com changes its mind. Thanks to all who wrote in]


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5 Responses to I’m really not a huge Amazon.com fan

  1. Julana says:

    I just placed a significant order to Amazon, and am sorry to hear all this. Maybe not in the future.

  2. Peggy says:

    Amazon is suppose to put a donation button on their homepage by tomorrow. Guess enough people complained!

  3. Thanks for that update Peggy!

  4. Kim says:

    I vowed to stop buying from Amazon when they informed me that a book I wanted would take about 4-6 weeks, but I could get it in a week elsewhere.

  5. kelly says:

    Did they ever put a donation button for Katrina victims? I read on there for book reviews, but have never ordered from them